An international firm

City Interiors and City Contracting was formed out of a previous business that had been part of an international group, which itself had been in Nigeria for many decades.

Richard Willmott, the CEO, took over the contracting business over a decade ago. With his wife Judi, who is Finance & Administration Director, they run the business on a very personal basis.

The CEO has nearly 50 years of construction experience and first came to Nigeria in the mid 1970’s.

All other senior staff are qualified Nigerians.

The business has established itself in a niche market and has avoided purposely moving away from that market.

Citycontracting about

Some of our projects.


City Interiors is a business that specialises in commercial fit-out work.


It also supplies a unique range of products designed to enhance any office fit-out.

These include items such as Folding Walls, Toilet Cubicles, Glass Boards, White Board Paint, Desking Systems and many other products.

We are a business where all works, other than some highly specialised activities, are carried out in-house.

From in-house design, based around a design team of Chartered Engineers and Architects, through to site activities, all trades are within the company.

All the senior manager and project staff have many years of experience in the business and have all been exposed to some of the most prestigious fit-out projects.


Over the years City Interiors has developed a process for handling fit-out projects

Whether it be from the initial space planning stage to shop-drawings, everything has to be designed “on paper” prior to being implemented on site. The business has a saying that it is cheaper to erase a line on a drawing, rather than remove a wall on site !

With the in-house design team, Clients can be assisted with space planning, property selection, cost engineering through to final construction and occupation

All the stages are part of a well-proven process adopted by the company and honed over nearly three decades


Everyone at City Interiors has a passion to deliver a project on time, within cost and to an exceptional quality level.

Each project will have a dedicated project manager, with direct supervision from the Senior Project Manager and CEO.

Clients feel the enthusiasm for every project and the construction team becomes part of the Client team.

It is this high level of personal service and attention to detail that is felt most by Clients.

The passion within the business is to deliver a quality product, at an affordable cost and within time. Only quality materials are used and installed by highly skilled and experienced tradesmen.



We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

Everyone within the business has a commitment to deliver a quality project, on time and on budget

This commitment stems from the top through all facets of the business to the site workers

Whilst all projects are meticulously planned, external factors can cause issues; however the commitment to the project will ensure that these issues are highlighted to the Client and an agreed strategy developed.


Once a project has been handed over, there is still the commitment to deal with any issues that may arise.

A full maintenance service can be provided to cover routine maintenance and any emergency.

The future maintenance of the property can be based on a formal agreement or on an ad-hoc arragement.